Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Ekiga && siproyd

El día Sunday, June 25, 2006 a las 02:59:24PM +0200, Damien Sandras escribió:

> It should be installed on your router.
> I can not really help you configuring sipproxd, I have only done it once
> on my gateway and it was working fine (except for video).
> I suggest you to mail their mailing list.

I did this but there was no response at all (in the list is no
traffic at all). So I went to the sources to debug and it turned
out, that the SIP request is not sent out because I'm not registered
to the local siproxyd. The debug log says:

Jun 29 10:34:09 rebelion siproxd: proxy.c:344 request [INVITE] from/to unregiste
red UA (RQ: gurucubano ekiga net -> 500 ekiga net)

and the source says that this (unregistered UA) is an error. So I've inserted
into Ekiga an (local) account like:

Account Name: local
        User: emil
    Password: mysip (this is defined in the config of the siproxyd)

but I can't register, it always says 'Registration failed'. But I can't
see (with tcpdump) that Ekiga sends something out to the local
siproxy. That's why my question: How Ekiga wants to make that registering,
on port 5060 UDP too? Why it says 'Registration failed'?


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