Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] When Ekiga rings... and when maybe it shouldn't.

Julien PUYDT wrote:
Fabien Chevalier a écrit :

I noticed a strange behaviour of Ekiga regarding the ringtone, when using SIP (it might be the same thing using h323, however i haven't tryed it).

Currently, Ekiga starts the ringtone as soon as the end user starts the call. This means that basically it starts to ring *before* anything is received at the remote end.

So basically you think ekiga should sit still and not tell you it began to call ?

Yes. I wouldn't be upset if ekiga only tells me when it fails. :-)
It is the way our phone system works here in France. People just dial their number. Then then ear nothing for a few seconds. Then the bell rings. Then the remote side takes the call :-) And if something goes wrong, instead of the ringing tone, they ear a women voice telling them the cause of the error (usually wrong phone number)

But i bet you now all this, as you're French too :-)



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