[GnomeMeeting-list] When Ekiga rings... and when maybe it shouldn't.

Hi all,

I noticed a strange behaviour of Ekiga regarding the ringtone, when using SIP (it might be the same thing using h323, however i haven't tryed it).

Currently, Ekiga starts the ringtone as soon as the end user starts the call. This means that basically it starts to ring *before* anything is received at the remote end. My little knowledge of SIP would tend to make me believe that Ekiga should start the ring tone when it receives "ringing" from the remote side, and not before. In fact i tryed another SIP softphone (SJPhone) to check if my assumption was correct... and it looks like SJPhone does work as described above.

Now, why is this Ekiga behaviour annoying ?
In fact using free.fr (one of the top alternative broadband operator in France) brand new PC-to-Phone SIP service, the call setup can take between 5 and 15 seconds. During this timeframe, the ringtone rings at my side, which means i will have heard a bunch of ringtones before the other side has started to ring ==> which means i really don't know if the call is so long because the guy at the other end is not there or because the call is still setting up itself.

For my point of view, it makes Ekiga hardly usable...too bad, is such an oustanding piece of software otherwise !!

Is it a bug? Or maybe am i missing something ?
Would it make sense to change the current behaviour ?



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