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Użytkownik Adam Bogacki napisał:

Greetings Ekigans !

	I recently installed Phil Zimmermann's peer-to-peer
VoIP encryption program Zfone <
on Deb unstable and WinXP.

	He says that ..
"To make your VoIP client work with Zfone, you will need to open your
VoIP client's preference panel and set the SIP port number to 5060."
< >

	This is simple in Gizmo (Gizmo Project > Preferences > Advanced)
but not so obvious with Ekiga 2.0.1 .. Edit > Preferences > SIP Settings
does not seem quite right as it only refers to 'Outbound Proxy' and 'Forward URL' .. unless it uses port 5060 by default.

	It would be easier if ZRTP was located within the VoIP client,
something Phil is working toward.

	Will 2.0.2 allow (explicit) port setting ... ?


Adam Bogacki,
afb paradise net nz
sip:agike ekiga net

[.. at the moment I have no audio due to libasound problems ]

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Ekiga uses 5060. You can see it, if you start gconf-editor under apps/ekiga/protocols/ports


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