Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Connecting to "engin" service

If I remember correctly, the probelm with engin is that they are not
sending the correct realm in authentication answers, leading to the
impossibility to register.

However, without a debug 4 output, nobody can help you.

Le jeudi 01 juin 2006 à 00:24 +1000, Don Malcolm a écrit :
> I am attempting to connect to the "engin" VOIP service.
> I have been issued with the following details (Phone number and password
> obscured):
> Phone No (User ID): 	0290123456 (not actual)
> Password: 	pass (not actual)
> SIP Proxy:
> Outbound SIP Proxy:
> Secondary Proxy: (See below for more information)
> Registration Time-out: 	900 seconds
> Connection Date: 	22/05/2006
> Status: 	Connected
> Current Plan: 	engin VoIPer
> Monthly Price: 	$9.95
> I have tried to configure Ekiga for engin, but without any success.
> Please let me know what information to put into which field to get Ekiga
> talking with engin.
> Engin provides a free softphone to use on the Windows platform. Over a
> week ago I had made attempts to connect to engin with the same settings.
> I contacted their help desk, and my account was transfered to a "Bring
> Your Own" account, the details are those above. However I am unable to
> make it work.
> Your assistance is appreciated.
> Details of Engin's secondary proxy:
> -----------------------------------
> The secondary proxy is used to support redundancy settings for certain
> devices. Please read below to see if this setting is needed for your
> particular device.
> If your device supports SRV records (as opposed to multiple server
> proxies) you do not need to enter a secondary proxy as your device will
> automatically direct you to the secondary domain name/access point via
> engin network functionality.
> The secondary proxy is used for devices that support multiple server
> proxies in order to enable redundancy services. Therefore, if your
> device supports multiple server settings then you need to enter both
> proxy domain names ( & into
> your device settings. This means that your device will automatically
> direct you to your secondary proxy/access point in the event in which
> your primary outbound proxy/access point fails. Your preferred outbound
> proxy should be the domain name that is closest to your physical
> location (e.g., if you live in Sydney).
> If your device does not support either multiple server proxies or SRV
> records then your device will not support redundancy functionality. You
> will not need to enter the secondary proxy details in your device.
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