Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Test Experience with Gnomemeeing Opal CVS (18052005)

> > The first challenge was to get the ptlib installed. The libpt-cvs
> > binaries have a depedency to libpt-plugin-cvs-audio and  -video which do
> > not correspond to the downloadable files . OK, that was relatively easy
> > to overcome: download everything ans nail it in using dpkg.
> could you elaborate on what the error was? Those versions which are
> available should be fine with regular Debian. If they don't work out
> well, that needs to be fixed. I had tried the current versions and they
> did install just fine for me (without any hexing).
I simply couldn't connect to any gatekeeper. It just said "registration" 
failed. Unfortunately I can't remember the time I did the testing so I cannot 
recover the gatekeeper log file. I'll come back when there will be video on 
SIP ;-) 

The first thing was the little hicup with the install (which can't be a 
Kanotix only issue: the ptlib depends on its codecs but they are  
libpt-plugin-cvs-audio and  -video which are of course nowhere on the 
voxgratia server.


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