Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Which webcam..?

> (i mean the loaded modules i.e,) cause my volume control for gnome is no
> more reachable after starting the computer with that camera, also i
> don't know, in this constallation, how to enable the audio micro
> function in gnomemeeting. Video seems ok.
Well, it drove me nuts too :-) 

What's going on is that the pwc module is above the sound card modules 
in /etc/modules (btw. what distribution do you have? on kanotix there is 
a /etc/modules-kanotix ... or something which is the one that would be copied 
over - see manual/forum)

The consequence of the module order hicup is that the USB bound card in the 
camera gets the standard audio hw:0 and the proper sound card is hw:1. As 
there is a mike but no speaker in the camera everything is messed up.

So change the order and it should work.

Hope this helps

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