Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: Connecting to Netmeeting which is on a home network

On Sunday 15 May 2005 12:58, Damien Sandras wrote:
> Le dimanche 15 mai 2005 à 12:28 -0400, Allan a écrit :
> > On Sunday 15 May 2005 12:22, Damien Sandras wrote:

> If you are using GnomeMeeting 1.2.1, they can call you, and your
> GnomeMeeting should help the remote Netmeeting behind NAT to go through
> that NAT without the need for any configuration.
> If it doesn't work, then it is because the H.245 channel can not be
> established due to Netmeeting being a bit "old". Myphone will be the
> only possible replacement.
> So, can you try with both Netmeeting and MyPhone behind NAT and report a
> precise description of the problems in both cases here?
> Thank you,

On the contrary, thank you.  Sorry to be such  nuisance but I haven't been 
able to get my children to try contacting me because of the pressures of work 
and family.

To save them some time, I downloaded MyPhone and tried to set it up.  
Unfortunately, there's no, absolutely no documentation to go with the 
program.  After much trial and error, I was able to establish a loopback 
connection to so that I know that placing a call to an IP address 
will work.  However, neeither my sons nor I have permanent IP addresses and 
MyPhone does not seem to use an ils server as far as I can tell.  So just how 
is one supposed to set up a connection from MyPhone to GM?  Conversely, is it 
possible to set up a connection in the reverse direction i.e. from GM to MP?

Thanks in advance, Allan.

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