[GnomeMeeting-list] Connecting to Netmeeting which is on a home network

First of all let me congratulate everyone associated with this project for a 
first-class effort.  I was particularly impressed by the quality of the 
documentation.  But, after spending two frustrating weeks off and on I am 
still no closer to making a connection to Netmeeting.

I have finally determined that the problem I'm having is that both of the 
systems I am trying to communicate with are running on home networks and of 
course the H323 protocol demands a direct connection.  Unfortunately the 
documentation makes no mention of this problem.

Would someone please, please, please tell me how to connect to a system on a 
home network  bearing in mind that I'll have to pass on the instructions to a 
couple of typical Windows users.  And PLEASE don't tell me to have them 
install gnugk to act as their gatekeeper.  One look at it's documentation is 
likely to drive them kicking and screaming away from anything to do with 
Linux and OSS.  Besides which, if I understand correctly, that only provides 
them with a way to connect to me not vice versa.


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