Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] GM1.2 unstable on SuSE9.2/9.3

Am Sonntag, 8. Mai 2005 20:41 schrieb Damien Sandras:
> Le mercredi 04 mai 2005 à 20:18 +0200, Stefan Bruens a écrit :
> > But you are right, the gm packages had some problems in almost every
> > release of the distribution and did not have the testing they deserve.
> > Blame me for not testing the packages enough during the beta phase (damn
> > exams), blame the world to shifting its focus to SIP for VoIP. As SIP
> > support in in GM becomes stable, I am really sure it will get more
> > attention again, as it is much better as kphone or linphone (IMHO!).
> I'm not blaming you, don't worry.
> But if you look at bug 170340
> (, you will see that
> there are already 9 duplicates for that bug, all of them for SuSE 9.3.
> It really becomes annoying.

Yeah, it is ...

But there are two different bugs here. First there is the "static plugin 
missing" aka "__attribute__ ((constructor)) broken" bug, which is due to a 
bug in gcc. To get rid of it, gcc has to be fixed (Bug is filed in Novells 
Bugzilla, but not closed until now ...), in the meantime, using -O1 works 
(Unfortunately, make/unix.mak has to be patched, as it overrides any CXXFLAGS 
to -Os ...).

As it seems, the version shipping with 9.3 does not suffer from this problem 
any more, the Picture plugin is available.

The other problem which was declared a "duplicate" of 170340, crashing in the 
~PFactory destructor, is a IMHO completely different one. Somehow only SuSE 
9.3 triggers it, but it _is_ a bug in pwlib. I will send a message describing 
the exact problem to -devel. Unfortunately I think it is not easy to fix 
(maybe it is possible to circumvent ...)

> Is that possible for SuSE to publish "errata" packages?

Yes, it is. As there is another bug in pwlib (9.3 ships with pwlib 1.8.3 and 
hangs in NAT detection on double click) maybe this is possible. But as this 
may force an update to 1.8.4 if the fix cant be backported, this would break 
binary compatibility (or is 1.8.4 BIC to 1.8.3?) and every dependent package 
would need an update, too.

Sigh ...


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