Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] USB webcams with microphones working under ALSA?

Am Sonntag, 21. September 2003 13:15 schrieb Damien Sandras:
> Hi,
> Le dim 21/09/2003 ŕ 12:39, Chris Rankin a écrit :
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have set my USB webcam to have a default frame size
> > of 176x144 with 5 fps, because I cannot load the pwcx
> > module. (I have symbol versioning enabled in my kernel
> > and all my attemps to hack the pwc module around this
> > so far have failed.)
> >
> > However, the messages I am getting in my kernel log
> > imply that GM is still trying to open the camera in
> > VGA mode:
> >
> > pwc Video mode VGA 5 fps is only supported with the
> > decompressor module (pwcx).
> >
> > Xawtv is working fine. Changing the palette to RGB24
> > from YUV420P didn't help, either.
> >
> > Does anyone have any other suggestions, please?
> That is a bug in the driver, I've already mailed the author about that.
> What happens is that :
> - GnomeMeeting requests YUV420P
> then
> - GnomeMeeting requests QCIF size
> But the driver fails at the step 1 without I have been requesting any
> size yet. That is the only driver having that problem and that is
> recent.

The reason is that pwlib is somewhat braindead again. pwlib sets the framesize 
to the maximum size supported by the driver (see video4linux.cxx) on 
videograbber instatiation, and then after setting the requested ColourFormat 
tries if the device can be set to the formerly selected framesize

> I could invert the ioctls but it could potentially break other drivers.
> Check that if there is an option to the module to specify the default
> size when opening.

If you had used the ioctls, you had been right, but by the means of pwlib you 
are issuing two ioctls if you use SetColourFormatConverter.

> However, I know nobody having problems with pwcx.

Have no problems, either, but maybe someone has.


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