Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] gnomemeeting without esound?

Le jeu 13/11/2003 à 11:05, Dark Avenger a écrit :

> Ok, I am rel. new to Linux, but I alreadyy understand (without hardware 
> mixing) you need another layer on top of oss or alsa if you want 
> multiple apps having access to sound. (Like Windows pre98SE and now with 
> wdm.)

And that top layer should take low-latency into account. When you are
playing a mp3, if it is delayed of 400ms, you won't hear it, if you are
using GnomeMeeting and that the remote is delayed of 400ms, the
conversation will become hard to follow.

> Would perhaps dmix help? I read some guides about it and it seems it 
> could at least substitute arts in software mixing (and I don't need arts 
> for more), as it seems to have lower latency and less CPU demand. I 
> haven't tested it though. Would gnomemeeting work with it? I read in

GnomeMeeting CVS has native ALSA support. Using dmix creates a new fake
soundcard usable by all programs. The sound would be mixed between all
those programs using the dmix fake soundcard, but all of them need to
use it. Yes, that would work with GnomeMeeting.

(Notice I have never tried myself though)

> some post that you stated that gnomemeeting uses alsa. But how? I 
> thought dev/sound/dsp is OSS (Emulation Layer). Or am I confusing things?

CVS is able to use OSS, OSS emulation, or native ALSA.
Release version is only able to use OSS, or OSS emulation.

In a few days we will have packages for the CVS release with plugins for
nearly all distributions.

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