Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] gnomemeeting without esound?

Christian Strauf wrote:

Hmm, do I have to do something with configure or is this a gentoo issue? (ebuild is not the problem, I edited it) When configure can't find esound, it aborts the compilation. What should I change?

There's no need to edit the ebuild. Just add "-esd" to your USE flags,
that should suffice, IIRC.

That is what I thought as well, but it didn't work. I stil got a problem though. I now deinstalled esound, as it otherwise somehow interferes with alsa and/or arts, even if esd not started. So I just kept the lib gnomemeeting is linked to and copied that back. So esound if off my system but gnomemeeting still starts. But now gnomemeeting doesn't find a free /dev/sound/dsp or whatever. It says something else is using it. Grrr... I guess it is arts sitting on it, when full duplex mode is activated. I tried artsdsp gnomemeeting, then no complains, but so sound either (inthe druid test)... It seems to me that gnomemeeting is not very cooperative with sound, ie wanting all resources for itself.


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