Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Seconix Questions, etc.

Le jeu 22/05/2003 à 23:52, geno a écrit :
> 1. Why does Gnomemeeting say it is listing only about 2/3 of the users online?

You can choose to be invisible. When you are invisible, you are not
listed, but your callto URL still works and others can use it to call

> 2. It would be nice if Seconix generated a single alphabetical list regardless 
> of whether the first letter of the first name is capitalized.

You can sort the names alphabetically in the window, just click on the

> 3.  Why does it sometimes tell you that you have to register after 
> Gnomemeeting says you are registered?

Because your IP changed, you have to wait 20 minutes for the new IP to
be allowed to update your old entry. It is a security measure.

> 4.  What are the requirements for "registration"?

No sex! Except that you can register as you want in the preferences.

> 5.  Why does it often tell you a call has been completed when none has?

That is the default error message when a call ends. CVS has better

> 6. How often does Seconix refresh itself?  I sometimes see myself listed twice 
> if I log off and then back on using different copies of software.

Every 20 minutes.

> 7. A few people on Seconix are using Gnomemeeting 0.97 (unstable).  How can I 
> get a copy?
> for Debian. Johnny is also doing
RPMs for RH8.9 on

> Thanks.
> geno
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