[GnomeMeeting-list] Soundcard ALS 100/... and gnomemeeting?

has someone a card using a driver which is compatible to the above card got 
working with gnomemeeting? OSS drivers say, they are only half duplex. For 
me, they don't even load right. Alsa loads, but has problems with 
gnomemeeting (Audio Transmission hangs in both directions, after some 
seconds). But full duplex seems to work. I can cat /dev/sound/dsp and do a 
cat /dev/zero >/dev/sound/dsp the same time.
Alternativly, does someone no of a cheap card which works without problems for 
gnomemeeting? I'm using a soundblaster live, but this is a little overkill 
only to get gnomemeeting working.

Thanks in advance
	Torsten Knodt
Domain in provider transition, hope for smoothness. Planed date is 1.7.2003.
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