Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] KDE and the internal speaker

I plan to work on that for 1.00, but I have to ask for some advice to
the GNOME staff, I wouldn't like to break the HIG :)

Le mer 25/06/2003 à 09:39, daniel huhardeaux a écrit :
> Sure. :-) I'm also an KDE user an the lack of ring for incomings call is 
> a big problem.
> Nick Thompson wrote:
> >After searching the archives I have not been able to find an answer to
> >the problem of making some kind of incoming call sound when using
> >gnomemeeting under KDE. Also I like the ideas that people had about
> >using the internal PC speaker, just in case a headset was connected and
> >not being worn.
> >
> >For what it's worth, I have written a small program that creates a "ring
> >tone" on the internal speaker. It has to be SUID root for the ioctl
> >KDMKTONE command to work on /dev/console (even if you own it), but it
> >does check that you are the real owner before using it. Also the command
> >forks for the ring, and the command returns immediately, so that it
> >doesn't disturb the calling thread. For now I have just hacked this in
> >using system("/usr/local/bin/ring") after gnome_triggers_do(...) in
> >sound_handling.cpp::gnomemeeting_sound_play_ringtone(). Obviously it
> >would be better if a command could be configured in the preferences
> >dialog of gnomemeeting (but I'm a KDE user not a gnome user, so I have
> >no clue where to start).
> >
> >Anyway, is this of use to anyone? I've tested it in 0.96.1 and I'll
> >check it again in 0.98 when I've figured out why it won't build (think I
> >need to upgrade pwlib and openh323). If so I'll tidy it up and submit
> >it.
> >
> >BTW it comes with a choice of two (yes, count them, two) fabulous ring
> >tones: brrrr, brrrr and derdle der, derdle der ;-)
> >
> >Nick.
> >
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