Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Soundcard ALS 100/... and gnomemeeting?

Torsten Knodt wrote:

Alternativly, does someone no of a cheap card which works without problems for gnomemeeting? I'm using a soundblaster live, but this is a little overkill only to get gnomemeeting working.

Thanks in advance
	Torsten Knodt
I'm using a Soundblaster Live Player 1024 - it's SB Live poor and younger sister - and it works
fine out of the box ( after regular RedHat 9 install ) with OSS drivers.
I know a few other people having problems with SB Live ( the full version ).
I don't suppose this board is on the market anymore so you have to try a different approach ...

Have you looked at :


Good luck

__ __ _| |__| |_|.| . @ Red Hat Linux version 9
jpedro vf netcabo pt

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