[GnomeMeeting-list] KDE and the internal speaker

After searching the archives I have not been able to find an answer to
the problem of making some kind of incoming call sound when using
gnomemeeting under KDE. Also I like the ideas that people had about
using the internal PC speaker, just in case a headset was connected and
not being worn.

For what it's worth, I have written a small program that creates a "ring
tone" on the internal speaker. It has to be SUID root for the ioctl
KDMKTONE command to work on /dev/console (even if you own it), but it
does check that you are the real owner before using it. Also the command
forks for the ring, and the command returns immediately, so that it
doesn't disturb the calling thread. For now I have just hacked this in
using system("/usr/local/bin/ring") after gnome_triggers_do(...) in
sound_handling.cpp::gnomemeeting_sound_play_ringtone(). Obviously it
would be better if a command could be configured in the preferences
dialog of gnomemeeting (but I'm a KDE user not a gnome user, so I have
no clue where to start).

Anyway, is this of use to anyone? I've tested it in 0.96.1 and I'll
check it again in 0.98 when I've figured out why it won't build (think I
need to upgrade pwlib and openh323). If so I'll tidy it up and submit

BTW it comes with a choice of two (yes, count them, two) fabulous ring
tones: brrrr, brrrr and derdle der, derdle der ;-)


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