Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] choppy audio with very bad echo

Le ven 21/02/2003 à 17:07, Kevin Oberman a écrit :

> Yes, indeed. But the GNOME SoundRecorder works perfectly. So something
> is being done differently in GM. Other apps play back at the correct
> speed, too.

The GNOME sound recorder:
- is using ESound
- is recording, then playing, not recording *and* playing
- is not using 8kHz I think

> Yes, FreeBSD uses the OSS API. I suppose that it might be a problem
> with full-duplex operation. The sound recorder records and then plays
> back, so full-duplex is not involved. Of course, there is not ALSA for

Yes, perhaps it is the problem. I really think it is a full-duplex

> FreeBSD, so that's not an option. GM is using esound.

Esound support in PWlib is still problematic, you should use direct OSS.

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