Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] choppy audio with very bad echo

> From: Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com>
> Sender: gnomemeeting-list-admin gnome org
> Date: 21 Feb 2003 16:57:32 +0100
> Le ven 21/02/2003 à 16:52, Kevin Oberman a écrit :
> > 
> > I have exactly the same problem on my T30 with GM 0.96. It's clearly a
> > timing issue. The audio is not playing back at the right pitch and
> > there are periodic "jumps" in the audio as the source "re-syncs". The
> > problem is clearly present in the audio test.
> All what the audio test is doing is recording and playing back.
Yes, indeed. But the GNOME SoundRecorder works perfectly. So something
is being done differently in GM. Other apps play back at the correct
speed, too.

> > I had a problem with some older systems with ICH3 audio playing back
> > too fast. The driver was fixed to correct this problem. Now
> > GnomeMeeting is doing exactly the opposite. It's playing back too
> > slowly.
> > 
> > To make it even odder, I'm running on FreeBSD stable. This implies that
> > the problem is in GM or one of its libraries.
> > 
> Why? Isn't FreeBSD using OSS like Linux? I thought so...
> I really think it is an OSS problem, everytime users have reported audio
> problems and that we told them to upgrade to ALSA, the problem
> disappeared. Many OSS drivers are not able to work in full-duplex.

Yes, FreeBSD uses the OSS API. I suppose that it might be a problem
with full-duplex operation. The sound recorder records and then plays
back, so full-duplex is not involved. Of course, there is not ALSA for
FreeBSD, so that's not an option. GM is using esound.

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Ernest O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab)
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