Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] choppy audio with very bad echo

are there RPMs for 0.96.0 compiled for RedHat 7.3 (GCC v2.96)?  The ones
on the site seem to be for RedHat 8.0.  They keep asking me for the
newer GCC and GLIBC.  

>>> dsandras seconix com 02/21/03 09:41AM >>>
- I suggest you to install 0.96.0, a lot of progress has been made in
one year, it is an Open Source software :)

- For the echo problem and choppy audio problem :
	* If you hear yourself when talking to another person, ask to
other person to use headphones or to move his mic away from the
	* For the choppy audio, it can be due to several factors:
		- bad audio driver that doesn't support well full-duplex
and playing at the same time)
		- bad headphones or microphone on the remote
		- bad audio codec
		- bad quality of the internet line : you can try to
		increase the
jitter buffer on your side to see if it 		improves, 0.96.0
does that

Le ven 21/02/2003 à 15:23, Matt Jaffe a écrit :
> I am using GM 0.85 (default installed by RH 7.3 on an IBM T30 laptop
> with a plain old intel i810 soundcard.  I am using the "i810_audio"
> driver that the RedHat install put on by default.  When I enable
> in GM it comes through as extremely choppy and there is a very bad
>  Using the Sound Recorder from the Gnome menu, it records and plays
> fine.  I have seen on the FAR that the also drivers fix non-existent
> sound, but nothing about the problem I am seeing.  I have to get
> working on 14 of these laptops with identical hardware, so if I
> have to install also, that would be better.  Please help.
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