Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting and win32

Le ven 19/12/2003 à 00:38, Carsten Breuer a écrit :
> Hmm.. i dont get GnomeMeeting currently running on KDE3.
> Perhaps this is only my lack of GTK knowledge at the moment
> and it seems to me that wxWindows have a bit less dependencies

You don't need to have GTK knowledge to install a GTK program. If
dependancies are a problem, just use a distribution with automatic
resolution of deps.

> then GTK and is easier to use. I like MinGW Developer Studio
> much, and if I can compile a app on windows and linux without
> any problems. Nonetheless perhaps you are right.


> That's sound's good, except that i have no glue what the druid is ;-).

That's the configuration assistant.

> Yes, that would be fine. I allways have looking to gnomemeeting to see
> if someone makeing a win32 port, but this never happens.
> My Situation is the following:
> I want to make a video conference with my mother. The Problem is that
> she loves her XP and she is N E V E R willing to change to something 
> else. But fortunately whe is willing to install a new application.
> So this part of the conference is fixed. I have Linux or Windows98
> and i N E V E R want to update to XP. The MSN-Messenger doesn't allow
> a Connection between XP and 98. So there is no connection posible.
> Since i have played a bit with Netmeeting, i allways said that
> H323 is the most worse protocol in the world <vbg>, because i
> have to cut of my firewall for taht. Microsoft suggest to
> switch off the firewall for 30 seconds afdter a call is initiated.

That's because Microsoft's usage of H.323 is bad. GM has fixed ports.

> I have DSL and a 80486 as a DSL-Gateway. I have only some ports
> open on this gateway. As i understood know, with H323 i have to
> open nearly all port.
> To overcome all this M$ limitations, it would be perfect
> to have Gnomemeeting on windows and linux, and doesn't need
> any properitary stuff anymore. I realy feel that it is time
> to solve this, because there is the need since some years ago
> and not much happened in the meantime.
> So i think it is important that we not only write the software
> for linux, but also for windows. This gives the people the
> posibility to get familar with it and to become free of all
> this marketing barriers.
> And my motivation of this is that my son (6 years old) can see
> his grandmother 6000 miles away.
> > Starting a wxWindows port doesn't make sense as it involves more work
> > than porting the missing pieces of the current code.
> Yes, that's true, but it highers the barrier of non portable code.
> That's also the problem with GnuCash. It is not portable even it use
> GTK.

I won't personally maintain two different versions of the GUI. Don't
underestimate the work required for such a thing.

> Best Regards,
> Carsten Breuer
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