Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting and win32

Hi Damien,

Im currently thinking about to port Gnomemeeting to wxWindows
and during a view to the source i have seen that there are
allready compiler switches for win32.
I don't think porting it to wxWindows is a good idea. 98% of the code is
already portable.

Hmm.. i dont get GnomeMeeting currently running on KDE3.
Perhaps this is only my lack of GTK knowledge at the moment
and it seems to me that wxWindows have a bit less dependencies
then GTK and is easier to use. I like MinGW Developer Studio
much, and if I can compile a app on windows and linux without
any problems. Nonetheless perhaps you are right.

Is there anybody who have allready compiled gnomemeeting
with win32. Are there any reason not to doing this
(patents or other stuff)?
Yes; but there are problems with GTK+
GnomeMeeting *had* several non-portable parts :
- the GNOME dependancies, but they can be compiled out with the same
level of functionality (except the druid)

That's sound's good, except that i have no glue what the druid is ;-).

I would say that the GConf dependancy porting can be improved, same for
the GTK support. Those are the only problematic parts of GnomeMeeting on
Win32. If you want to provide help, I can put you in contact with the
required persons.

Yes, that would be fine. I allways have looking to gnomemeeting to see
if someone makeing a win32 port, but this never happens.

My Situation is the following:

I want to make a video conference with my mother. The Problem is that
she loves her XP and she is N E V E R willing to change to something else. But fortunately whe is willing to install a new application.
So this part of the conference is fixed. I have Linux or Windows98
and i N E V E R want to update to XP. The MSN-Messenger doesn't allow
a Connection between XP and 98. So there is no connection posible.

Since i have played a bit with Netmeeting, i allways said that
H323 is the most worse protocol in the world <vbg>, because i
have to cut of my firewall for taht. Microsoft suggest to
switch off the firewall for 30 seconds afdter a call is initiated.

I have DSL and a 80486 as a DSL-Gateway. I have only some ports
open on this gateway. As i understood know, with H323 i have to
open nearly all port.

To overcome all this M$ limitations, it would be perfect
to have Gnomemeeting on windows and linux, and doesn't need
any properitary stuff anymore. I realy feel that it is time
to solve this, because there is the need since some years ago
and not much happened in the meantime.

So i think it is important that we not only write the software
for linux, but also for windows. This gives the people the
posibility to get familar with it and to become free of all
this marketing barriers.

And my motivation of this is that my son (6 years old) can see
his grandmother 6000 miles away.

Starting a wxWindows port doesn't make sense as it involves more work
than porting the missing pieces of the current code.

Yes, that's true, but it highers the barrier of non portable code.
That's also the problem with GnuCash. It is not portable even it use

Best Regards,

Carsten Breuer

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