[GnomeMeeting-list] GM to NetMeeting, SuSE 9 - Headset and talking fails


I am using GnomeMeeting 0.98.5 on my SuSE 9 prof. computer. Soundblaster 5.1 digital installed.

Now I want to talk to a friend who is running Netmeeting on her Windows XP-machine. We both have a DSL connection.

I can hear what she is saying, she can ring me using the IP of my DSL-connection. The trouble is she cannot hear me and I cannot ring her, even if I use her NetMeeting IP. I can see her user-entry in the user list of the server (we both use the same server ils.seconix.com), but I cannot ring her that way - GM says that "this user is not using GM" and the connection fails. Can one connect that way to NetMeeting users only?

She installed the instcodec.exe, but it is not known, if this was successful (the program apparently did not display a message whether it worked right).

I disabled the KDE-aRts-server because it appeared to interfere with the dsp-device. Then I could run the configuration tool druid. It recognizes my soundcard and I can hear myself talking.

I have switched off tunnelling and quickstart.

I have recorded a brief speech using Krec. It worked.

So my sound setup seems to work fine.

The history says that incoming codec was recognized and MS-GSM codec was sent.

The trouble is I cannot say if this was the "idea" of my friend's XP-machine NetMeeting to use the MS-GSM codec or the "idea" of GnomeMeeting. If a NetMeeting call is coming in - why do I have to use MS-GSM and why does the Windows PC have to have MS-GSM installed? Is there no other codec for speech than that (i.e. microphone input). What happens if there is no MS-GSM installed - can both computers agree on another codec for speech so they can still talk to each other?

I have read about the full duplex thing, but I cannot find anywhere to activate it, and everything has been working well apart from GM (the only setting was in the KDE-aRts-menu, but as I wrote above I had to turn it off competely. Before switching off it was set to "full duplex".).

I am not sure about whether my friend is behind a firewall, but I guess that it should work as it worked before when I had windows and MSN-messenger 6.1 running .

Can GnomeMeeting be compiled using the jack soundserver (which could, in my humble opinion, help us get away with messages like "could not open sound device")?

Thanks in advance for help :-)

Kind regards,

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