Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting and win32

Le jeu 18/12/2003 à 23:24, Carsten Breuer a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Im currently thinking about to port Gnomemeeting to wxWindows
> and during a view to the source i have seen that there are
> allready compiler switches for win32.

I don't think porting it to wxWindows is a good idea. 98% of the code is
already portable.

> Is there anybody who have allready compiled gnomemeeting
> with win32. Are there any reason not to doing this
> (patents or other stuff)?

Yes; but there are problems with GTK+

GnomeMeeting *had* several non-portable parts :
- the GNOME dependancies, but they can be compiled out with the same
level of functionality (except the druid)
- the GConf dependancy, but somebody ported the GConf code so that it
works on windows, however there are still bugs

The rest is portable. The only remaining problem is with gtk for windows
that doesn't support threads very well.

I would say that the GConf dependancy porting can be improved, same for
the GTK support. Those are the only problematic parts of GnomeMeeting on
Win32. If you want to provide help, I can put you in contact with the
required persons.

Starting a wxWindows port doesn't make sense as it involves more work
than porting the missing pieces of the current code.

> Thanks for any answers.
> Carsten
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