Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] GM to NetMeeting, SuSE 9 - Headset and talking fails

Le ven 19/12/2003 à 17:10, Lutz more later a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am using GnomeMeeting 0.98.5 on my SuSE 9 prof. computer. Soundblaster 5.1 
> digital installed.
> Now I want to talk to a friend who is running Netmeeting on her Windows 
> XP-machine. We both have a DSL connection.
> I can hear what she is saying, she can ring me using the IP of my 
> DSL-connection. The trouble is she cannot hear me and I cannot ring her, 
> even if I use her NetMeeting IP. I can see her user-entry in the user list 
> of the server (we both use the same server, but I cannot 
> ring her that way - GM says that "this user is not using GM" and the 
> connection fails. Can one connect that way to NetMeeting users only?

She is behind a firewall or NAT gateway. She has to configure it so that
Netmeeting works behind it. Perhaps the XP personal firewall is enabled.

> She installed the instcodec.exe, but it is not known, if this was successful 
> (the program apparently did not display a message whether it worked right).

It should do it though.

> I disabled the KDE-aRts-server because it appeared to interfere with the 
> dsp-device. Then I could run the configuration tool druid. It recognizes my 
> soundcard and I can hear myself talking.
> I have switched off tunnelling and quickstart.
> I have recorded a brief speech using Krec. It worked.
> So my sound setup seems to work fine.
> The history says that incoming codec was recognized and MS-GSM codec was 
> sent.

Then everything is correct.

> The trouble is I cannot say if this was the "idea" of my friend's XP-machine 
> NetMeeting to use the MS-GSM codec or the "idea" of GnomeMeeting. If a 
> NetMeeting call is coming in - why do I have to use MS-GSM and why does the 
> Windows PC have to have MS-GSM installed? Is there no other codec for speech 
> than that (i.e. microphone input). What happens if there is no MS-GSM 
> installed - can both computers agree on another codec for speech so they can 
> still talk to each other?

Yes if G.711 is allowed, but it requires high-bandwidth. Other codecs
are proprietary and patented. You can use them if you buy a quicknet

> I have read about the full duplex thing, but I cannot find anywhere to 
> activate it, and everything has been working well apart from GM (the only 
> setting was in the KDE-aRts-menu, but as I wrote above I had to turn it off 
> competely. Before switching off it was set to "full duplex".).
> I am not sure about whether my friend is behind a firewall, but I guess that 
> it should work as it worked before when I had windows and MSN-messenger 6.1 
> running .

That proves nothing.

> Can GnomeMeeting be compiled using the jack soundserver (which could, in my 
> humble opinion, help us get away with messages like "could not open sound 
> device")?

It is apparently not your problem. Your problem is that she is
unreachable because of NAT or firewall rules...

> Thanks in advance for help :-)
> Kind regards,
> Lutz.
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