Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting on notebooks under KDE

Le mer 17/12/2003 à 12:18, info a écrit :
> Yes. Because it's a question of respect to my correspondent. 
> Imagine, please - you call me, but can't hear me because my 
> /dev/dsp is bisy...  What you will think about me?

> In another words, my decision to ansver your call means my 
> decision to close my audio/video apps; and if I decided to set 
> auto-answer, this means my agreement with auto-closing 
> audio/video apps. 
> So, this feature I speak about is only for automatize the 
> actions that now you and I had to make by hands: when we see 
> call and want to ansver, we must manually close sound/video 
> applications in any vay.  
> Of course, it must be a user-selected feature: somewhere in 
> settings must be a radio-button with words "Automatically close 
> all sound/video applications on incoming and outgoing calls". 

That won't happen. Other maintainers would think I'm crazy to auto-kill
other programs. That doesn't make sense.

> And... Of course, the ideal way will be a possibility of shared 
> usage /dev/dsp by gnomemeeting and players - maybe, with 
> automatically reduced volume... But this is inpossible - or 
> not?

It will be possible the day where GNOME and KDE will both adopt a good
sound daemon. Currently, the only possibility is to create a virtual
DMIX ALSA soundcard (check their doc, I never tried), and to use that
virtual soundcard as output for all programs. That will transparently
work with all applications!

> >
> > I'm personnally using xmms, xine without artsd or esd, and
> > when I have to answer an incoming call, I stop the sound
> > playing.
> I use xine, noatun and kscd. IMHO, noatun make better sound, and 
> if you want, I am ready to prove it by experiment. I have one 
> mp3 file (Tonino Carotone, Me en el cago del amor, 6M). When I 
> listen it on xmms, I hear some speedup in the beginning of 
> song; when I listen it on noatun, all is normally. (Of course, 
> it is my personal mind...)
> Noatun (and kscd) needs artsd. They automatically start artsd 
> even if it wasn't start before. And even if I close noatun, 
> artsd stay as daemon. 

You can tell to artsd to bind to the virtual ALSA soundcard.

> This means that if I start gnomemeeting (without artsd, of 
> course), and then start noatun - gnomemeeting will not work on 
> incoming call even if I close noatun. Because artsd will not 
> stop with noatun, an /dev/dsp will bisy for gnomemeeting.

There is an option in artsd to make it release the dsp soundcard when it
is not used.

> This is problem, and I don't know how to solve it - not only for 
> me, but for my users who don't know what is "ps aux" and work 
> only in GUI with OpenOffice. (I am admin in company with office 
> decktops on Linuxes).  
> > If you have video preview (what you are describing) enabled,
> > but video transmission disabled, there will be no video
> > transmission. Similarly, if you have video preview disabled,
> > but video transmission is enabled, there will be a video
> > transmission. You don't need to play with the preview.
> >
> > Do you understand what I mean?
> YES!!! It's my mistake: I thought that I must to switch on 
> camera, but it is only preview...
> George
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