Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting on notebooks under KDE

16 Декабрь 2003 20:30, Damien Sandras написал:
> Unfortunately not. I have reported USB problems for the 2.6
> kernel, and nobody cares. What you can do if you think that I
> have influence is mail the maintainers and put me in CC and I
> will confirm the problem.

OK. I'll mail them.

> Do you imagine that people would run an application that
> kills other applications using the soundcard on incoming
> calls?

Yes. Because it's a question of respect to my correspondent. 
Imagine, please - you call me, but can't hear me because my 
/dev/dsp is bisy...  What you will think about me?

In another words, my decision to ansver your call means my 
decision to close my audio/video apps; and if I decided to set 
auto-answer, this means my agreement with auto-closing 
audio/video apps. 

So, this feature I speak about is only for automatize the 
actions that now you and I had to make by hands: when we see 
call and want to ansver, we must manually close sound/video 
applications in any vay.  

Of course, it must be a user-selected feature: somewhere in 
settings must be a radio-button with words "Automatically close 
all sound/video applications on incoming and outgoing calls". 

And... Of course, the ideal way will be a possibility of shared 
usage /dev/dsp by gnomemeeting and players - maybe, with 
automatically reduced volume... But this is inpossible - or 

> I'm personnally using xmms, xine without artsd or esd, and
> when I have to answer an incoming call, I stop the sound
> playing.

I use xine, noatun and kscd. IMHO, noatun make better sound, and 
if you want, I am ready to prove it by experiment. I have one 
mp3 file (Tonino Carotone, Me en el cago del amor, 6M). When I 
listen it on xmms, I hear some speedup in the beginning of 
song; when I listen it on noatun, all is normally. (Of course, 
it is my personal mind...)

Noatun (and kscd) needs artsd. They automatically start artsd 
even if it wasn't start before. And even if I close noatun, 
artsd stay as daemon. 

This means that if I start gnomemeeting (without artsd, of 
course), and then start noatun - gnomemeeting will not work on 
incoming call even if I close noatun. Because artsd will not 
stop with noatun, an /dev/dsp will bisy for gnomemeeting.
This is problem, and I don't know how to solve it - not only for 
me, but for my users who don't know what is "ps aux" and work 
only in GUI with OpenOffice. (I am admin in company with office 
decktops on Linuxes).  

> If you have video preview (what you are describing) enabled,
> but video transmission disabled, there will be no video
> transmission. Similarly, if you have video preview disabled,
> but video transmission is enabled, there will be a video
> transmission. You don't need to play with the preview.
> Do you understand what I mean?

YES!!! It's my mistake: I thought that I must to switch on 
camera, but it is only preview...


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