Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting on notebooks under KDE

18 Декабрь 2003 12:30, Damien Sandras написал:
> It will be possible the day where GNOME and KDE will both
> adopt a good sound daemon. Currently, the only possibility is
> to create a virtual DMIX ALSA soundcard (check their doc, I
> never tried), and to use that virtual soundcard as output for
> all programs. That will transparently work with all
> applications!

OK. I'l try it and then send you report. But it will not be 
soon: I need some time for reading docs in English... -:) 

But what will do peoples who used no ALSA, but OSS, 
kernel-builtin threated OSS, etc?

> There is an option in artsd to make it release the dsp
> soundcard when it is not used.

I know, but default release time in KDE is 60 seconds. It's too 
long for ansvering for calls, and low-level users (who migrated 
to Linux from Win and know only office tools like OpenOffice 
etc.) will never guess to do this...

If you don't want to kill applications - maybe, it's possible to 
force releasing of coundcards with forcing of temporary 
"slieeping" another applications for the call-answer period?


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