Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting on notebooks under KDE

Le mar 16/12/2003 à 18:11, info a écrit :
> I have this problem on 7 different exemplares of 2 different 
> models laptops. You haven't such problem on you laptop. It 
> means only than some models have this problem, and some 
> haven't. It means too, that some unlucky peoples (who buy the 
> first type of laptop models) will have priblems, and other 
> lucky (who buy another models) - no.
> Only due to this I asked you to pay attention of v4l and acpi 
> maintainers for this fact. You words as gnomemeeting mainteiner 
> have much more authotity than my.

Unfortunately not. I have reported USB problems for the 2.6 kernel, and
nobody cares. What you can do if you think that I have influence is mail
the maintainers and put me in CC and I will confirm the problem.

> > GnomeMeeting is compatible with NO sound server for the
> > simple reason that none of them are good enough in terms of
> > latencies for Voice Over IP. So adding an option like the one
> > you are describing is not feasible. The right fix is to not
> > use artsd or esd at all. Also, artsd has an option to
> > automatically suspend when it is not used instead of keeping
> > the soundcard busy.
> OK. It's good. But here is the such problem: gnomemeeting is the 
> application that constantly must be in tray in call waiting. 
> Like mail-notifier programms. Maybe, I will have 10 calls in a 
> day. Maybe, one in a month. But all this month gnomemeeting 
> must be in tray.
> But if I don't start artsd or esd, I can't hear any mp3 all this 
> month... And I can't to use xine for DVD, etc...
> It means, than gnomemeeting must have tool to kill (or to 
> temporary stop) any soundserver, soundapplication, xmms, xine 
> etc - but only when I answer the incoming call. But when there 
> are no calls, and gnomemeeting is in tray - gnomemeening must 
> pay no attention for any other application that use sound card 
> and videodevice.  

Do you imagine that people would run an application that kills other
applications using the soundcard on incoming calls? 

However, I agree with you for the current problem, I just didn't find an
acceptable solution yet.

I'm personnally using xmms, xine without artsd or esd, and when I have
to answer an incoming call, I stop the sound playing.

There is also another possibility : using the dmix interface of ALSA in
all programs, but I didn't try again.

> > I have to disagree here. If you explicitely request to
> > display video images, it is normal that GnomeMeeting is
> > displaying them. I think that you should not use video
> > preview at all, that is not required to have video calls.
> Maybe, my English is poor and your don't understand me... 
> The process is: I start gnomemeeting, then close all it's 
> windows, except tray, and gnomemeeting is on standby in 
> waiting. Like mail-notifier. I don't know how much time it well 
> be in such position - maybe, some hours, maybe, some weeks. All 
> this time videocapturing isn't needed - I don't use 
> gnomemeeting, but it wait calls...
> I need video from the moment of incoming call. And I speak about 
> such feature, that if I agree this call (or it's autoanswer) - 
> only in this moment videocapturing begins.
> Of course, I can manually switch off camera before I put 
> gmomemeeting in tray. And I can manually switch it on when I 
> begin a conference. I want to say about possibility to do this 
> automatically (if I want), by setting some "radiobutton" 
> somewhere near radiobutton "autoanswer". Only about this. 

I think you misunterstood me. You are seeing your video in the main
window because you asked to do so. But seeing the video in the main
window is not related to the fact that you are transmitting video or not
during calls. It is only there to see if you look good before calling
somebody. If you disable the video preview by clicking on the webcam
icon, and that you accept an incoming call, video transmission will be
automatically started provided that :
- the remote user accepts video reception
- you enabled video transmission in the preferences

If you have video preview (what you are describing) enabled, but video
transmission disabled, there will be no video transmission.
Similarly, if you have video preview disabled, but video transmission is
enabled, there will be a video transmission. You don't need to play with
the preview.

Do you understand what I mean?

Thank you, 

> Best regards.
> George
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