Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] sorry again

Ok, first off, be sure to read *everything* on the web site, especially
the FAQ.

That said, GM is a h.323 client meaning that it should interface quite
cleanly with any other h.323 client.  The most well known of those is
Netmeeting from Microsoft.  You asked about MSNmessenger.  I'm afraid
that I don't know anything about that app.  But if it's h.323 compliant,
it should work.  One thing to keep in mind is that Netmeeting does more
than just h.323.  It also does t.120 which is the text chat and desktop
sharing part of NM.  GM doesn't do those.  But I use it frequently for
the audio/video part and it works well with NM.  I happen to use a
gatekeeper which is a part of the h.323 spec.  But if all your going to
do is some one-on-one or use an ILS server (the directory where you can
locate other people), you don't need a gatekeeper.

That help?

On Fri, 2002-11-29 at 16:09, william bastian wrote:
> fellas did not mean to insult you at all!!!!!  glad you people are 
> around.  and know about time available for a project particularly when 
> you are already working 36hour days 10 days a week 500 days a year to
> put some food  on the table.  just like amateur radio, or stamp 
> collecting, it is something you do for enjoyment  and i am very glad you 
> do!  just that i seem to have questions that are kind of simple, and
> don't know where to go for the answers.    does this application 
> interface with ymessenger or msnmessenger?  and if so, how does a person 
> who does not know the intricate details of the application
> and the operating system make things happen???   you can tell from my 
> question i do have a hazy idea this application has something to do with 
> using a web camera under a linux operating system.  beyond

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