[GnomeMeeting-list] thanks!!!

that answered my question. the ymessenger available from yahoo for linux does not support video conferencing and they say they have no immediate plans to make it happen. just goes to show that it will take some more market penetration by linux before they sit up and take notice. maybe netmeeting is what i am puzzling over, comes along with msnmessenger, have not used a web camera on that very often, it is not very good quality compared with ymessenger video, which is good i do know you have to open TCP 5100 on the firewall in the router for the new super-web camera feature that they have in the current ymessenger 5.5 that people with high speed access can use, dsl or cable modem. i am using a dsl modem and a linksys router to hook both my windows 2k and the linux mandrake 9.0 computers up to the dsl modem. both computers have 256meg of ram and are running at 1 gig for processors, amd brand processors. using ethernet 10-100 cards to the router and ethernet into the dsl modem. i am using mandrake linux 9.0, the 8.2 mandrake linux had a copy of gnome-meeting with it, but it never worked. this 9.0 does see a logitech netcam express, a picture comes up on the screen. just do need to know what to put in the address to make things happen, to get onto something like netmeeting. again, i understand that gnome-meeting is evolving and has not even reached 1.0 yet, so writing a extensive instruction book for it might be a bit of a waste of time since it will be changing. so what do i put in that address window when it shows up?? the msnmessenger ID of the person i would like to netmeet with? is there a special syntax or order? remember, like a lot of windows user i am pretty much a point and click specialist(build my own computers and and get them running, including windows, and attempting to learn the linux mandrake operating system, which IS considerably different) so slowly attempting to learn the linux operating system a little at a time. thanks for answering that question! dissipates some fog!! i will also work on cutting down the length of my responses.thanks for your patience. bill

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