[GnomeMeeting-list] sorry again

fellas did not mean to insult you at all!!!!! glad you people are around. and know about time available for a project particularly when you are already working 36hour days 10 days a week 500 days a year to put some food on the table. just like amateur radio, or stamp collecting, it is something you do for enjoyment and i am very glad you do! just that i seem to have questions that are kind of simple, and don't know where to go for the answers. does this application interface with ymessenger or msnmessenger? and if so, how does a person who does not know the intricate details of the application and the operating system make things happen??? you can tell from my question i do have a hazy idea this application has something to do with using a web camera under a linux operating system. beyond that i am in the dark. and looking for someone who can tell me what the application can and cannot do and with what it can be used. when a application manual can be written for gnome-meeting(can't really do that yet as it is still in beta and evolving rapidly, appreciate that!) perhaps it will be plainer. the first few messages i saw come across looked mostly like greek to me, as i do not have the background to appreciate them. you would have some difficulty perhaps understanding some of the printing terms, or land mobile radio/paging terms i use. for instance, what is dragon's blood? or where do you use a 2j66 tube? ever heard of POCSAG? perhaps my fault for assuming that all
the messages would be that way.    so my apologies to anyone insulted.  bill

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