Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Incorrect IP registered to my own openldapserver

Hi, all,

I checked the source code of Gnomemeeting: ils.cpp

  else if (!strcmp ((char *) name, "decip"))
    entval = xmlStrdup (BAD_CAST "1234567890");

I found that the sipaddress value: 1234567890 means 
there is a BAD_CAST. But, I have no idea, is this a bug
of the Gnome function call, or it is my system configuration problem.

But, it seems my redhat 8.0 works ok, email, webbrowser all are working.

Can anyone help???

Thank you very much!

On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 20:32, shu jian wrote:
> Hi, all
> I managed to setup my own ILS. I used MS netmeeting and Gnome meeting to
> register to it within LAN. I found MS netmeeting registered with the
> correct IP address, but not Gnomemeeting. 
> I found from the "perl.out" that Gnomemeeting registers to my own ILS
> with something like, where the sipAddress has a value 123456890:
> dn: c=-,o=Gnome,cn=queen n c,objectclass=RTPerson
> cn: queen n c
> sipAddress: 1234567890
> givenName: queen
> surname: lin
> rfc822Mailbox: queen n c
> location: sin
> comment: na
> ilsa32833566: 1
> ilsa32964638: 1
> ilsa26214430: 0
> sappid: GnomeMeeting
> sflags: 1
> Adding c=-,o=Gnome,cn=queen n c,objectclass=RTPerson
> Result: 0
> RESULT code 0
> The IP address finally shown by ILS browser is not the IP address where
> I am using the Gnomemeeting. Can anyone help???
> Thank you very much!!!
> shu jian
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