[GnomeMeeting-list] Incorrect IP registered to my own openldapserver

Hi, all

I managed to setup my own ILS. I used MS netmeeting and Gnome meeting to
register to it within LAN. I found MS netmeeting registered with the
correct IP address, but not Gnomemeeting. 

I found from the "perl.out" that Gnomemeeting registers to my own ILS
with something like, where the sipAddress has a value 123456890:

dn: c=-,o=Gnome,cn=queen n c,objectclass=RTPerson
cn: queen n c
sipAddress: 1234567890
givenName: queen
surname: lin
rfc822Mailbox: queen n c
location: sin
comment: na
ilsa32833566: 1
ilsa32964638: 1
ilsa26214430: 0
sappid: GnomeMeeting
sflags: 1
Adding c=-,o=Gnome,cn=queen n c,objectclass=RTPerson
Result: 0
RESULT code 0

The IP address finally shown by ILS browser is not the IP address where
I am using the Gnomemeeting. Can anyone help???

Thank you very much!!!
shu jian

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