Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: How to register to my own openldapserver?

Le mer 13/11/2002 à 09:41, shujian a écrit :
> Hi, Damien,
> I tried to install the Netmeeting Directory Kit and OpenLDAP according to
> the HOW-TO.
> But, Gnomemeeting does not seem to be able to register to it, eventhough
> gnomemeeting says
> successfully registered. This is because I click on the ils button, the ils
> broswer never shows any
> user even after refreshing. Of course, I enabled the "enable register"
> checkbox in the preference XDAP setting.
> Thank you very much again!
> sj

It is because your installation of the NDK failed somewhere, I already
had that problem before and I think it was a permissions problem.

You can enable debug output in /tmp/ and see what happens.

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