[GnomeMeeting-list] Try Gnomemeeting 0.94.1 on openh323 1.10.3

In order to make GnomeMeeting run under ipv6, I install
pwlib1.4.3&openh323 1.10.3 on my pc. The OS is redhat 8.0. Test on
loopback under ipv6 with simph323 is ok.
But in connection.cpp, there is the function
SetMaxAudioDelayJitter(),which is undefined in openh323 1.10.3.
SetMaxAudioDelayJitter is defined in openh323_1.9.10/include/h323con.h.
In openh323_1.10.3, there is another function SetAudioJitterDelay, which
is declared in openh323_1.10.3/include/h323con.h and defined in
h323.cxx. If I want to run gnomemeeting on openh323_1.10.3, can I
replace SetMaxAudioDelayJitter() by SetAudioJitterDelay()?

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