Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gm Behind firewall with GM NAT turned on registering local IP not GW IP

Damien Sandras wrote:
Le jeu 07/11/2002 à 16:42, Will Merkens a écrit :

           if (PIPSocket::Address (IP) != PIPSocket::Address (""))
             gconf_client_set_string (client, 
"/apps/gnomemeeting/general/public_ip", (const char *) IP, NULL);

we know the router information via the NAT box in the settings panel.

this code is reading the NAT from your xml located in 
/apps/gnomemeeting/general/%gconf.xml, in this file allready, since 
their is a checkbox associated with that option extend it's properties 
so that the logic of the registration proceess is

if <check box> && <NAT !=> then set sipaddress to <NAT>

OK, I thought you mean the other way. What you want is using the IP of
the IP translation to register to ILS.
That becomes a little tricky... but well...
Yes, you could ask the user if they want to use the local determined IP or the NAT IP for the registration process.


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