[GnomeMeeting-list] Gm Behind firewall with GM NAT turned on registering local IP not GW IP

If I understand this code correclty, the GM after regstering with the ILS should update the ip number with GW IP.

But it seems to register the local machine IP which is a 192.168.x.x unroutable number.

/* if we registered to ILS, let's update the IP from ILS
            to the gateway IP of the translation */

         gchar *ip = NULL;
         gchar *mail =
           gconf_client_get_string (GCONF_CLIENT (client),
         if ((mail)&&(strcmp (mail, ""))
             &&(!strcmp (ldap_server, "ils.seconix.com")))
           ip = Search (ldap_server, "389", mail);

         if (ip) {

           PString IP = PString (ip);
           PINDEX prt = IP.Find (':');

           if (prt != P_MAX_INDEX)
             IP = IP.Left (prt);

           if (PIPSocket::Address (IP) != PIPSocket::Address (""))
gconf_client_set_string (client, "/apps/gnomemeeting/general/public_ip", (const char *) IP, NULL); <<== isn't this supposed to be sent?

from the GM logs

19:18:40 Started GnomeMeeting V0.95 for willm

19:18:40 Opening Video device
19:18:40 Contacting
19:18:41 Successfully opened video device /dev/video0, channel 0
19:18:43 Successfully registered to

from the ILS

the IP is it should be

but on ils.seconix.com it registers correctly??


what is different from ils.seconix.com and mine, what am I missing in my ILS server.

if I edit the /usr/local/share/gnomemeeting/xdap xml files I can make it work....

at least it's getting a valid IP this time not '1234567890' stuff.


Will Merkens
Suite 1103, 505 - 4th Ave S.W.
Calgary, AB.

Primary E-Mail: willm merkens ca
Backup  E-Mail: willm wsm dhs org

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