[GnomeMeeting-list] ALSA tests results

Hi all,

I compiled ALSA 0.9.0RC5 on my main workstation, kernel 2.4.19, SMP dual
P3 machine, card ENS137x, and it works perfectly. No GnomeMeeting crash,
no machine freeze.

I suspect that the RedHat 8 users have encountered a RedHat specific
bug. RedHat doesn't officially support ALSA, perhaps some of you, with
problems, could report them on bugzilla.redhat.com.

I can confirm that ALSA 0.9.0RC5 works fine for me, without any
problems. I mailed the ALSA mailing list, but apparently, nobody

Thanks to those of you who have helped. I think that if you have
problems with RedHat 8.0 and ALSA, the best to do is to recompile a
stock kernel for your machine.

 (o-      SANDRAS Damien
 v_/_     Check Out Gnome Meeting !

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