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le sam 16-03-2002 à 15:51, Kilian Krause a écrit :
> Hi Damien,
> DS> Heh, Im not talking about the firewire camera anywhere on
> DS>
> well, maybe i got this mixed up with some other patch i read about.. anyway.. adding a diff file or at least some explanatory material wouldn't hurt =) has there yet been an attempt to integrate that patch into the 'official' distro, if it's _that_ neccessary?

It will, Im just waiting for their CVS to be updated.
There are so much things I could do, but I think you can't imagine the
time that I already spent, so yes, adding things hurts me, because it
takes me time, I even do not have time to update the FAQ content, which
is old, and inaccurate.

> DS> I think the trick was to include <stdio.h>, but I don't remember
> DS> exactly.
> DS> The mail was a few days ago.
> seems like this worked.. =) you should add this to the FAQ *g*
> vim +43 pwlib-gnomemeeting/src/ptlib/common/ 
> ++ #include <stdio.h>
> DS> It is a pitty that gnome ml's do not provide a search functionnality.
> well, it has a search interface, but it doesn't work very well.. neither does google check often enough to find that message.. 
> well howsoever.. it worked now.. *pooh* thanks for the help =)
> looks nice .. and the gconf error is gone aswell =)
> -- 
> Best regards,
>  Kilian			mailto:kk verfaction de
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