Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] No Window

On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 10:18:06PM +0200, fuder wrote:
> Hi Kilian,
> I know it is a mystery -:) However, I build gnome2 with the vbs 

It is not a mystery at all. The thing is that nigthly snapshots need
to have bonobo-activation-server running or Gnome2 programs won't start.
That daemon is started automatically in a Gnome2 session. But, probably
because of a bug in Gnome2, it is not automatically started under Gnome1
or KDE sessions. 

Apparently, starting bonobo-activation-empty-server is enough.
You tell us in the mail (sorry I deleted that part) that you tried 
bonobo-activation-empty-server from Gnome2 and from Gnome1. But it means
that there is something wrong in your installation because there was no
bonobo-activation at all in Gnome1. So perhaps that there are 2 conflicting
versions installed on your system.

I'll ask to bonobo developers if it is normal. Anyway, normal or not, be 
warned that nightly snapshots are not for everyday use, they are experimental.
Only developers and great GnomeMeeting fans are using them :)

We will keep you informed, thanks.


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