[GnomeMeeting-list] gconf possible solution

I just wanted to post this message because I also had problems with gconf.
may be this will help someone.
So as usual after compile i get "Please check your gconf setting and permissions it seems ...."

I started a search to solve the problem.
I read all the postings about this problm almost anywhere, but nothing still helped.
no chmod -R 4777
no ~/.gconf.path files 
Again and again this error.

First i have compiled with --prefix-ldap=/usr/local --with-gconf-prefix=/etc/opt/gnome
I am using Slackware 8.0 and i do not have /etc/gconf dir in my computer.
The prefix-ldap is because ./configure had reported some error and I had to link it 
to the right place where were the ldap libraries e.g. /usr/local.
The -gconf-prefix was because as I had read before the compilation that I will need gconf but
since everyone was speaking about /etc/gconf I decided to put it there ;)))  
And that was the error I had done. (Well I think so ;))))
The compile was clean an so was make install.
root me#:/gnomemeeting  pop-up with that error message.
Than I began the chmod, gconftool --get "/app/.......", everithing, 
installing manually the .schema everything.

So i decided to recompile with the hint from Damien Sandras (sorry if not the right person)
cout << gconf_test << "  " << BUILD_ID << endl << flush;
at least to see whether it will print this gconftool --get "/app/...." string or not.
e.g. whether gconf_test == NULL or not '))
But i started to read the source more carefully and decided that my --gconf-prefix probably 
may cause some problems. 
so this time I compiled only with --prefix-ldap=.....
and all was well the gnomemeeting started without any problems.
I still do not know what exactly was the problem and how exachtly I solved it may be 
the chmod over the dirs and the second compile had fixed and installed the files properly.
But since other programs were using gconf with no problem and since gconf claim for forward 
and backward compatibility there should have been other problem.
Well just a wish to share experience ;))


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