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Attached the log of a chat discussing some dialpad issues.
Attached the full log for you to get an overall view.


"Be liberal in what you accept, and conservative in what you send."
- J. B. Postel, master of the net.
<segfault>	josep_wk: Hi, did I talk with you yesterday about the
   dialpad bug?
<segfault>	I've got more info. 1. only numbers are affected (obviously),
   letters are not "catched" by the dialpad
<segfault>	2. if you have something already written (say
   "sip:@ekiga.net") if you type letters they are correctly inserted at
   the cursor position
<segfault>	while if you type numbers they are appended at the end of
   the string, no matter where the cursor is
<segfault>	so dialpad binded with the keypad numbers is definitively
   a bad idea ;-) please correct it, it makes ekiga uncomfortable ;-)
<TheBonsai>	where would you bind it then?
<segfault>	I would not bind the dialpad
<segfault>	if the user press the keyboard
<segfault>	she will write into the input field
<segfault>	if she press the button with the mouse she'll be using
   the dialpad
<TheBonsai>	can you imagine that there are people not using the mouse? or
   there are ppl that can't use the mouse because they are disabled?
<segfault>	yes, in fact if they are using the keyboard they will want
   to write into an input field, where they placed the cursor
<segfault>	not at the end of the string!
<TheBonsai>	i see you're refering to your point 2. above. and that's
   the reason to request to disable the numpad binding, instead of fixing
   the functionality to insert at cursor position?
<segfault>	dialpad has another issue, that came out yesterday: if you
   press another key before releasing the prevoius one, you'll get your
   input inverted
<segfault>	(try pressing 123 quickly, you'll get 321)
<segfault>	so I think: if I use the keyboard, why passing through the
   dialpad? also remember that if dialpad is not displayed
<segfault>	these issues are not present, because the keyboard input
   is not filtered through the dialpad
<TheBonsai>	i can't reproduce the "123" --> "321" thing
<segfault>	try to press 2 before releasing 1, you'll get "21", only if
   use the keypad (not numbers over the letters), only if dialpad is displayed
<segfault>	I think josep_wk and dang`r`us reproduced it yesterday
<TheBonsai>	got it.
<TheBonsai>	it's related to the delay maybe
<segfault>	I think it's related on how signal are sended to the
   application, but I still can't understand why you want to use the dialpad
<TheBonsai>	the keypress event for "1" comes delayed when i hold it
<segfault>	if I use the keyboard
<TheBonsai>	ask the girl on the cassa in your supermarked what she
   would say if you provide her the numbers 0-9 in one row instead of her
   numerical pad on the cassa
<TheBonsai>	shel would slow down minimum 25%
<segfault>	I'm not saying you should remove the dialpad
<segfault>	I say: if I want (can) point and click, I'll do so
<segfault>	if I want to use the numpad
<segfault>	(like the girl on the cassa)
<segfault>	I don't need the software, I'm already using hardware
<segfault>	btw, a sip account will only have a few numbers... most of
   the name will be letters...
<TheBonsai>	remember what ENUM is...
<TheBonsai>	numbers won't die
<TheBonsai>	for the dialpad: what do you want to tell me overall? if
   you want to point and click, do it. if you want to use the numpad, use it
   (beside the one or the other bug that can or can not be fixed)
<TheBonsai>	or do you want to tell me to not use the numpad at all,
   instead use the normal keyboard input?
<TheBonsai>	for the "SPI addresses don't have much numbers" i'm just
   referring to google and ENUM
<TheBonsai>	*SIP
<segfault>	ok, nevermind. What you say shows to me that who's writing
   ekiga is not using it
<TheBonsai>	i didn't write ekiga :)
<segfault>	I have a problem using ekiga. Because ekiga scramble my
   numbers when I write them
<TheBonsai>	then just don't use the numpad?
<segfault>	then just fix the bug! it's a simple bug, I don't think it
   will cost much effort
<segfault>	I mean
<segfault>	if i write numbers without the dialpad displayed it works.
<segfault>	if I have to hide the dialpad to make ekiga works:
<segfault>	1. the dialpad should be removed (which is NOT what i want)
<TheBonsai>	OF COURSE... just that i was asking a bit more details
   doesn't mean i don't think about a fix. this "reversing" *is* a bug,
   definitely. but it's not a reason (sorry!) to disable the numpad support
   at all.
<segfault>	2. the dialpad issue shall be fixed
<segfault>	nono, in fact i'm not asking for disabling dialpad
<segfault>	i'm asking for decoupling dialpad from keyboard input
<segfault>	since dialpad can be used with mouse input
<segfault>	and keyboard input works perfectly without dialpad
<TheBonsai>	yes. i don't know what idea is behind the dialpad-numpad
   connection. i'll ask about it (the delaying breaks it on fast input,
   also the numpad is only usable when the dialpad is displayed - which
   makes not much sense, it should always work)
<TheBonsai>	is that a good summary?
<segfault>	yes, it is! ;-) thank you for the support

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