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Peter Robinson wrote:
> On 11/4/05, Julien PUYDT <jpuydt free fr> wrote:
>>Peter Robinson a écrit :
>>>I would be even inclinded to call it beta1 as AFAICT it has all the
>>>the major features now such as video support and the like.
>>The major features are in yes, but not all of them. There are still some
>>things that are pending, like :
>>- Damien's work on text messages ;
>>- my dbus work ;
>>- a patch for bonjour support (still waiting for news on that one :-/ ).
>>It's close to beta, yes ; but not there yet I think ;-)
> Fair enough, but I would still do a releases (call it alpha - doesn't
> matter, hey just call it 1.9.x) in line with the 2.13 releases leading
> up to a Jan/Feb release to get some wider testing rather than leaving
> it until just before the 2.14 release. I seem to remember leading up
> to the 2.10 release (I think) therre was someone from the translation
> team that caused a big who-har because we didn't. It may get us better
> testing and people helping which is what we would like to achieve
> anyway. It gets it out there so to speak.
> Pete
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I'll do a release in December. I promise it. I will move the "opal"
branch to "HEAD" and release.

I just want to be ready so that it is usable for
"chatters" too.

Notice there is still a problem with iLBC and Speex. Also, CIF doesn't
work with SIP (I have found no doc about it and don't know how to force

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