Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Promotion

Peter Robinson a écrit :
GnomeMeeting badly needs promotion, especially the SIP version.

I agree. The problem with promoting it is the fact it's still
pre-release. Once we get it to stable I think it'll be much easier.

Well, even releasing an alpha version would be nice ; yes alpha means not all features are there yet, yes there are still bugs. But at least that gives an idea what to expect, and shows the project is still alive!

Someone outside of those lists and the irc channel, looking for a softphone now will have long forgotten about the 1.2.2 version of that software mentioned so long ago. But (s)he will still have in mind that he read that such and such projects where going on well, are so wonderful, blah, blah, blah.

Other projects make a lot of noise when they think that perhaps some day they will do something perhaps not that bad.

Gnomemeeting has features added quite frequently, and has serious advantages over its competitors ; but this is only known to a restricted circle of people.

Everytime I see VoIP mentioned on a news site, supposedly opensource-minded, I search 'nomemee' in the article text and the comments. And I generally don't find anything.

Outrageous !

I think the sooner we can get 2.0 out with SIP support the better. I'm
not sure how hard it would be to add IAX2 support now that OPAL
supports it but that would help as well too.

Saying that OPAL supports IAX2 is precisely as honest as the other projects boasting about their features ;-)

AFAIK, this IAX2 is very preliminary, and not ready for prime time. But if it gets ready, adding it into gnomemeeting shouldn't take more than one day for Damien -- although he'll probably ask a full week because he's so perfectionist ;-)

Let's get a few alphas out, until all features are in, then some betas while bug hunting the features, and finally release 2.0 !


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