[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Promotion

Hello to all,

GnomeMeeting badly needs promotion, especially the SIP version.

I was discussing this with Julien, and we came to the same conclusion,
there are now many VoIP projects with a good marketing force, and much
money. I won't name any example, because it would mean advertising for
them again.

The difference between GnomeMeeting and those projects is that
GnomeMeeting is a community effort. We don't have commercial interests
in our back, and we are not opportunists either. GnomeMeeting was
already present and kicking back in 2001 !

Seeing the number of private e-mails I still receive about GnomeMeeting,
I don't think interest has dropped yet, but it will certainly if we are
not doing something about it.

So, how can you help?

You can help when 2.00 will be released:
- to spread the word about it
- to have stands in conferences in your country
- to post news on internet websites
- to write articles about GnomeMeeting

An example is the next FOSDEM, there will most probably be a
GnomeMeeting stand, with T-shirts, and GnomeMeeting-related gadgets, but
also a demonstration.

I will ask : who is ready to help during the event (25 and 26th of
February) and spend one or two hours on the booth to help Jonita?

Also, Jonita has found a new slogan for GM 2.00 :
"A window to the world"
will be replaced by :
"The Freedom of speech"

Why freedom? Because there is nothing that is more free than
GnomeMeeting : no companies behind it, no commercial interest, open
standards, open codecs...

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