[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] GnomeMeeting 2.00


I have a problem with the high load of work required to work on
GnomeMeeting in my spare time, and I need help for various tasks.

We formerly had an official team, but people priorities have changed,
and I'm again nearly alone to do everything.

I would like to design new people who will manage various tasks. Some of
those tasks are time-consuming, others are not. If you like
GnomeMeeting, please accept to devote some of your time for it in order
to help the project to grow.

Each of the persons who will be designed will have to keep me informed
about what they are doing.

1) Project Manager and Maintainer: Damien Sandras (if somebody has any

2) Promotion Coordinator: Jonita Sandras. But I insist on this one:
everyone SHOULD promote GnomeMeeting, see my previous e-mail. If you
need ressources like T-shirts or things like that, or if you want to
invite me to a conference, or another person, try to contact Jonita first.

3) Stable Release Packages Maintainer: That person will check that the
current stable release still runs on new versions of GNOME. There is a
new release of GNOME every six months, GnomeMeeting is not updated every
six months, but GNOME translators are updating its translations for each
GNOME release. The "Stable Release Maintainer" will generate a tarball
for each new GNOME release which includes new translations and upload it
to the GNOME servers.

4) New Release Packagers Maintainer: That person will create the tarball
when there is a new release, check that it works, and send it with
instructions to the various packagers. He will also try to find new
packagers for common distributions when required. -> Kilian ?

5) Bugs Triaging: Many of the bug reports that we are receiving are
incomplete, due to a misconfiguration of the system, or are provided
with a wrong backtrace. The person in charge of triaging will report
those problems to the bug reporter so that I can work on real bug
reports. -> Julien ?

6) Documentation Maintainer: He will write the manual and maintain it
for 2.00. I will certainly help for this task, but I need somebody to
help me, maintain the manual and make sure that it works so that I can
only give him a .txt file without having to loose time formatting it.

7) FAQ Maintainer: He will have to maintain the FAQ with suggestions
while keeping it simple and efficient (the current FAQ needs modifications).

8) Web Designer: He will make the design of the new website
(gnomemeeting.org AND gnomemeeting.net). -> C�ic, our webmaster will
take this job again.

9) Perhaps I forgot something?

We also need testers, testers, testers, developers and developers!
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