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Hi Damien,

> 3) Stable Release Packages Maintainer: That person will check that the
> 4) New Release Packagers Maintainer: That person will create the tarball
> when there is a new release, check that it works, and send it with
> instructions to the various packagers. He will also try to find new
> packagers for common distributions when required. -> Kilian ?

how is 4 different from 3? Anyway, sure, count me in. 

> 5) Bugs Triaging: Many of the bug reports that we are receiving are
> incomplete, due to a misconfiguration of the system, or are provided
> with a wrong backtrace. The person in charge of triaging will report
> those problems to the bug reporter so that I can work on real bug
> reports. -> Julien ?

there's already some GNOME folks helping with the BTS. Not sure we need
to sacrifice precious developer power for that. ;)

> 7) FAQ Maintainer: He will have to maintain the FAQ with suggestions
> while keeping it simple and efficient (the current FAQ needs modifications).

what has happened to my last request in that direction? I still lack the
copy of the webspace for mirroring and the last discussion is still
incomplete we had about this. Moreover where do you want this to be
"developed" in the meantime?

10.) ILS manager. 

apparently me. I'll hopefull have tonight or tomorrow the ILS up and
running. It should be cleaner and faster code than was before, but as
soon as it's on public IP, I'll yell for testing. Just needs some
finishing touches to package. ;)

Best regards,

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