Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] GnomeMeeting 2.00

On 11/4/05, Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a problem with the high load of work required to work on
> GnomeMeeting in my spare time, and I need help for various tasks.
> We formerly had an official team, but people priorities have changed,
> and I'm again nearly alone to do everything.
> I would like to design new people who will manage various tasks. Some of
> those tasks are time-consuming, others are not. If you like
> GnomeMeeting, please accept to devote some of your time for it in order
> to help the project to grow.
> Each of the persons who will be designed will have to keep me informed
> about what they are doing.
> 1) Project Manager and Maintainer: Damien Sandras (if somebody has any
> objection...)
> 2) Promotion Coordinator: Jonita Sandras. But I insist on this one:
> everyone SHOULD promote GnomeMeeting, see my previous e-mail. If you
> need ressources like T-shirts or things like that, or if you want to
> invite me to a conference, or another person, try to contact Jonita first.
> 3) Stable Release Packages Maintainer: That person will check that the
> current stable release still runs on new versions of GNOME. There is a
> new release of GNOME every six months, GnomeMeeting is not updated every
> six months, but GNOME translators are updating its translations for each
> GNOME release. The "Stable Release Maintainer" will generate a tarball
> for each new GNOME release which includes new translations and upload it
> to the GNOME servers.
> 4) New Release Packagers Maintainer: That person will create the tarball
> when there is a new release, check that it works, and send it with
> instructions to the various packagers. He will also try to find new
> packagers for common distributions when required. -> Kilian ?
> 5) Bugs Triaging: Many of the bug reports that we are receiving are
> incomplete, due to a misconfiguration of the system, or are provided
> with a wrong backtrace. The person in charge of triaging will report
> those problems to the bug reporter so that I can work on real bug
> reports. -> Julien ?
> 6) Documentation Maintainer: He will write the manual and maintain it
> for 2.00. I will certainly help for this task, but I need somebody to
> help me, maintain the manual and make sure that it works so that I can
> only give him a .txt file without having to loose time formatting it.
> 7) FAQ Maintainer: He will have to maintain the FAQ with suggestions
> while keeping it simple and efficient (the current FAQ needs modifications).
> 8) Web Designer: He will make the design of the new website
> ( AND -> Cédric, our webmaster will
> take this job again.
> 9) Perhaps I forgot something?

No, sounds alright to me. I should be able to help with various
builds, or at least testing of builds as I currently have boxes
running FreeBSD 4.10 & 5.4 as well as FC4 and shortly will have
Solaris 10, and maybe OpenSolaris too. I'm trying to get use to
building with FreeBSD 5.4 at the moment.


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